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Staying Social to Keep Healthy

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It’s no surprise that having a good social network is a great asset in feeling good and maintaining a genuine sense of well-being. Perhaps this notion runs deeper than we thought. The idea of being “sociable” to increase your mental and physical health may intimidate those of us who would rather stay in on a Friday night. The good news is whether you are shy or very outgoing, there are many ways in which people stay social. What we need is to have relationships with people that are meaningful.

Some people may have many friends, but few of whom they feel like they can truly be themselves with. Others may be intimidated by the idea of having to meet new people at all. There are also those who have been hurt in the past, and the thought of opening up to others just sounds like a nightmare. Whatever the situation or starting point, the need for social interaction is still universal in whatever form it takes. If there is something blocking you from being able to reach out to others, talking to a professional may help.


Strong social connections key to good physical, mental health: Study

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