Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is effective for many psychological problems, is
relatively brief, and is well received by individuals.
Mental disorders can negatively affect the quality of life for individuals as well as their families. Many of these disorders (including depression, anxiety, and alcohol problems) have been shown to respond well to CBT.

CBT is a psychological treatment that addresses the interactions between
how we think, feel and behave. CBT is a process of teaching, coaching, and reinforcing
positive behaviours. CBT helps people to identify cognitive patterns or thoughts and emotions that are linked with behaviours. It is usually time-limited (approximately 10-20 sessions), focuses on current problems and follows a structured style of intervention.

Typically, the CBT involves:

• Helping the person in treatment to establish daily activities to
provide structure and direction in graduated steps

• Encouraging the person to identify and challenge negative thoughts
and assumptions characteristic of their depression and/or anxiety and to consider
evidence for more realistic views of their experience

• Helping the person shift focus away from physical symptoms and
negative mood associated with depression and/or anxiety

• Helping the person return to a routine of pleasurable and productive
activities, on a scheduled basis.

What common symptoms does CBT use to treat?
• Depression
• Generalized Anxiety Disorder
• Panic Disorder
• Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD)
• Specific Phobias
• Social Anxiety Disorder
• Schizophrenia & Psychosis
• Eating disorders
• Bipolar-Disorder
• Substance Abuse

Adapted from:
Somers, Julian &  Querée, Matthew (2007)
 “The Core information document on cognitive-behavioural therapy was developed by the Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction (CARMHA) at Simon Fraser University under the direction of the Mental Health and Addiction Branch, Ministry of Health”
Available also on the Internet. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [electronic resource]
ISBN 0-7726-5598-7