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Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)

What is Emotion-Focused Therapy?

EFT puts the emotions and feelings we have at the centre of the therapeutic process. Emotions are seen as the basic foundation of who we are. They determine meaning in our lives and they allow us to make sense of our experiences. Problems arise when people are not aware of how their negative emotions affect their well-being. There are also deeper emotions that exist on a subconscious level, feelings that occur repeatedly and do not change. Pervasive emotions such as fear, shame, regret, and anger are targeted to help individuals improve their daily living.

What can I expect from EFT? 

The therapist acts as an emotional coach by enabling clients to overcome their difficulties in a safe and judgement-free environment. Through collaboration, the therapist and client set several goals for treatment, such as raising one’s awareness for their own emotions. It is also a common goal to help clients regulate their emotions. For emotions that are on a maladaptive level, the therapist will help set goals with the client to achieve emotional transformation. For instance, feelings of shame can be transformed into feelings of self-confidence by accessing one’s pride and self-worth.

To accomplish these goals the therapist guides their client to mentally arrive at a place where substantial change can occur. This allows clients to process and move on from their emotional turmoil. In this way, individuals who have undergone EFT improve at recognizing their own emotional responses, and learn effective coping skills for overcoming negative thoughts and feelings.

Who can benefit from EFT? 

EFT is effective for many types of situations. It is used to treat depression, anxiety, childhood abuse and neglect, grief and bereavement, interpersonal difficulties, and many other issues that people face in their day-to-day lives. EFT has also shown effectiveness in couples counselling and family counselling.

At Our Clinic

For individualized counselling, EFT is offered as a regular practice at our clinic.

Contact us for more information, to book an appointment with an EFT focus.


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